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Decorating Tips


Hanging wallpaper right first time

There are a number of tricks and tips which people learn as they take on the task of wallpapering a room. Wallpapering will be something you will get better at, but you can never over prepare as its the key to doing the job properly.


Build your own colour scheme

There is no right or wrong way of decorating a room and should be completely a personal choice. Often people start a colour scheme from a favourite object whether it be the object theme, pattern or colour. Don't be afraid to use something you like as your inspiration.


Don't hang wallpaper without being prepared

It can be quite easy to get carried away with decorating and more often than not many start with good intentions and then make a rush to the finish line. Unfortunately this is were most likely, mistakes will happen and corners are cut. This will lead to another case of DIY disaster. Use a checklist and seek advice about the techniques to use.


Buying wallpaper patterns

With hundreds of wallpaper designs, it can be difficult just to choose one you want to buy. When choosing which pattern to buy, you might want to consider the pattern repetition. The larger your pattern the more wallpaper you will need. Measure your wall space and check the wallpaper measurements to calculate how many rolls you need.


Don't throw old wallpaper away

9 times of 10 you will be left with spare wallpaper which you might think has no use. Think again, wallpaper can be used in lots of ways you never thought where possible. Frame it, decoupage and furniture.


Cheap ways to use left over wallpaper

Before you think about throwing away old left over wallpaper scraps. There is a use for them.


Upcycle an old picture frame

Create your own art. Instead of using a photograph, find a stencil as a template, use it to cut round then stick your wallpaper art onto some coloured card leaving you with a unique picture to hang or display.


Up-cycle an old piece of furniture

Choose where you want to improve your furniture like the lid or doors, measure the space and cut to fit. Stick with adhesive and varnish to preserve the look.


Start from the middle for the perfect pattern

Did you know you should hang a patterned wallpaper from the middle? To achieve the perfect look, start by measuring your wall and the wallpaper before pasting down.


To paste a wall or not to paste

This question baffles even the most experienced. Some will say paste your wall first because it can help you to adjust the wallpaper position without pulling it off. For those who are against pasting the walls first say that it can cause more moisture and bubbles. You must however, paste the wallpaper regardless which method you choose.


Is it better to wallpaper one wall or all four

Wallpapering all four walls for a time, looked like it was going out of fashion, but a revival of papering a full room has made a come back. Where you decide to hang your design is a personal choice, but don't be afraid to be bold, just beware of clashing too many patterns.


Does black in a room work

Black is back and doesn't make a room as dark as many would think. Black creates contrast and many wallpaper designers are using black to complement even with beige for a truly captivating look to a room.


Stripe or floral wallpaper

While stripes and floral patterned wallpaper can complement a room together, stripes are forgiving and work exceptionally well horizontally to elongate a room. When choosing floral wallpaper, choose a large floral pattern to avoid large spaces looking busy.


Cheap Wallpaper ideas for small rooms

Small rooms can be hard to decorate because of the sheer size and quite often to paint can be less hassle, but how do you jazz up a small room? As a cheap alternative, use a wallpaper with a large pattern or try making wallpaper hanging canvases.

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